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Centaurus Construction Ltd are providers of epoxy resin flooring applications to industry, which are tailored to the individual working environment. We provide polyurethane, epoxy and polyaspartic resin flooring services for the industrial and commercial sectors across the UK. Our industrial resin flooring is the ideal flooring solution for industrial and commercial workplaces due to the reliability and durability of a wide range of resin systems that we supply and install. A bespoke flooring solution can be designed for almost any situation to create a workplace that is clean, bright, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and very hard wearing.

Centaurus Construction strive to provide first class resin flooring systems, coupled with top quality service and after sales care. To this end, we provide the complete flooring package, including the installation of stainless steel drainage systems, concrete kerbs with resin coved skirting’s, floor trims and edgings and of course epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic flooring systems ranging from floor coatings through to heavy duty specialist floor screeds. We are happy to provide expert advice on the best epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic resin flooring system to suit your specific needs and industry.

Type of flooring:

  • Excellent chemical resistance, particularly to alkaline environments.
  • Outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates.
  • Very high tensile, compressive, and flexural strengths.
  • Low shrinkage on cure.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties and retention thereof on ageing or exposure to difficult environments.
  • Remarkable resistance to corrosion.
  • Ability to cure over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Superior fatigue strength.

Centaurus Construction consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who carry out work with cordiality and efficiency providing our projects with the necessary credibility for our customer’s satisfaction. We strongly believe in gaining customer’s loyalty by offering them services tailored to their needs with highly competitive prices in accordance with their budget. We as a team commit ourselves to the jobs in question to deliver them on time with and implemented system based on quality standards which guarantee excellent results and finish. We pay special attention to neatness, runtime and quality of materials to ensure the best results.

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